Makeup Idea and Makeup Tips for Teenagers

We have done many bridal makeups with Meenakshi Dutt. But this video is different. Meenakshi Dutt does a party makeup on her daughter Shivangi.

Shivangi is wearing a black jump suit. Meenakshi Dutt starts by applying a very light foundation. Here are some teenage makeup tips from her:

1. While doing makeup (for teenagers) it is very important to understand the skin. Teenagers have very delicate and acne prone skin.
2. Too much base on a teenager’s skin looks very cakey and overdone.
3. Use a very mild foundation. Something which is very translucent and easy to glide over.
4. Do makeup as per your skin type. If skin is oily and has acne problem then choose a base accordingly.
5. For dry skin do proper moisturizing before applying makeup
6. Try to keep the base as soft as possible.
7. Do mild contouring. Just enough to enhance the features.
8. More contouring will give an older look.
9. You can play a lot on eye makeup. Try smokey effect with deep colours. Reds, maroons, and dark greens should be avoided. Instead go with shades of gold, silver, black, pink, and mauve.
10. The blusher has to be soft. Just a hint of color. But a little color does makes a difference because it adds a glow and charm.
11. For lip stick try any colour from soft pastel pinks to bright fuchsias to deep reds.


1. MAC Liquid Foundation
2. Makeup Studio Concealer
3. MAC Translucent Powder
4. MAC Eye Shadow – Golden Brown and Black
5. Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown
6. Benefit Mascara
7. MAC Hover Lip Pencil
8. MAX Factor Gloss

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Title – The Creek
Contributing Artists – Topher Mohr And Alex Elena
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