CREEPY CLOWN Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Heard about those scary killer clowns lurking in weird places across America? Yeah well, don’t let em ruin your fun this Halloween. This creepy clown makeup tutorial will show you an easy and cheap way to get a jaw-dropping look. 😉 Inspired by this real-life old timey creepy ass mothafluffin clown-

Products you’ll need:
White and black face paint or cosmetic products (grease paint, cream paint, water activated paint, alcohol activated paints are all fine)
Cotton balls
Liquid latex (found at most halloween stores)
You can substitute latex with fx gelatin [tutorial: : ] or silicone/3rd degree [tutorial: ] if you’re allergic to latex
lightweight air-drying clay for teeth
craft wire
clown accessories like a costume, nose, and wig
that’s it!

Fake tongue tutorial :

In all seriousness, even though a majority of the weird clown sightings in the US have been hoaxes or false reports, there have been some who are actually luring or attacking people. 1. Pay attention to your surroundings this month, like you always should and 2. If you do decide to dress as a clown, it’s best not to engage in any behavior that would make people think you’re doing anything other than playing dress-up (so like don’t hang out at the edge of the woods with a knife in your hands, duh)

Be safe this Halloween but remember to have fun and live ya life! More gore is comin!


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