ASMR Hair Straightening

Hello! Role change! (because I was sick). In this video my sister ‘straightens’ my hair.

I say ‘straightens’, because my hair does not become really straight. I bought this curler (Braun Satin Hair 7) to make loose curls, but it doesn’t work with my hair. So I use it to make my hair some what straight :).

Disclaimer: my sister does my hair for the first time, no hate please :). Thanks!

my previous video:
Do you guys like my hair STRAIGHT or CURLY? Tell me what you want to see next, more hair tutorial vids? LUH YOU!!! xx I will do a room tour when I reach 15,000 subbies.. so help me out!! 😉

P R O D U C T S :
– Forever21 Paddle brush:

– Tresseme heat protectant:

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